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At Vaulty, we are developing an electronic hardware wallet in a credit card that provides the highest level of security for crypto assets.

Our Mission:

We work hard to secure and facilitate all kinds of blockchain transactions with our innovative products to transform how businesses and people send, receive, and store money worldwide.

- Store
- Spend
- Exchange

All in one place, in the Vaulty Card that fit in your wallet.

Our Future:

Cryptocurrency’s future looks very bright, and we plan on remaining at the forefront of this technology, creating more tools and services for everyone to use in new innovative ways.

Vaulty Card is the world’s first electronic credit card and hardware wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and more then 1205+ ERC20 Tokens. It provides superior identity security and data privacy allowing users to secure their crypto assets in minutes. Vaulty Card also offers an ecosystem in which users can confidently interact with their digital assets and have secure, end-to-end control of their cryptocurrency. It provides completely offline storage.

Not only is the Vaulty Card waterproof, shockproof, bendable, and mobile. It uses an AES256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) encrypted Bluetooth connection to communicate with authorized devices only. Users have full control over their crypto assets using the Vaulty Card because it is equipped with a tamper-proof CC EAL5+ (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) Secure Element chip. It is also assembled with a patented cold compression process which prevents installation to the wallet of any possible interceptor for data intrusion.

Other than being an offline storage, the Vaulty Card also acts as a 2+1 Authenticator when you wish to do transactions.

- Biometric authentication directly on your card
- Visual authentication on the wallet to prevent tampering to the transaction commands
- PIN Code security on the device itself to ensure you are in control of your card

With Vaulty Card, you can enjoy its mobility along with the best security available in the blockchain industry. Instead of using the traditional USB hardware wallet that works jointly with a computer, you can transact on the go.

Moreover, the Vaulty Card has an internal protected hot wallet where you can transfer your assets for using your prepaid credit card payment option. You can use your Vaulty Card to pay in over 40 million Points of Sale (POS) worldwide.

To avoid any useless in/out transfer via an online exchange, we have built an internal exchange so you can trade your crypto assets between more than 1205 cryptocurrencies. Our internal exchange is fast, reliable, and with no fees.

Vaulty Card is the credit card that any self-respecting cryptocurrency holder must have.

To learn more about the Vaulty Card specs and function:

Vaulty Card details

1. The Vaulty Card is a hardware wallet where you can store and protect more than 1205+ types of cryptocurrency offline (cold wallet) - the safest way to protect your crypto assets.

2. The Vaulty Card can also be used as a worldwide payment method. Transfer funds from your cold wallets to your hot wallet from your Vaulty Card interface and you can pay with your card at any store that accepts credit card payments around the world.

3. The Vaulty Card has an integrated exchange. Exchange your crypto assets between more than 1205+ digital currencies directly from your card interface with no fees!

When you use your in-card hot wallet (credit card) to purchase in a store or online, you receive an instant cash back into your account.

Using the credit card comes with a lot of advantages, these include:

Cash Back bonus between 1% and 8%
100% rebate on Spotify
100% rebate on Netflix
25% rebate on every Uber and Uber eat order
Free Amazon Prime

Here is the complete Cash Back and Rewards article

Here are only some examples of what you can do with your Vaulty Card. Obviously, you could do a lot more things with it than these!

- Securely store offline more than 1205+ Crypto assets
- Send crypto to a friend via the blockchain
- Send crypto to someone who also has a Vaulty Card (NFC transaction)
- Pay your groceries
- Pay your gas
- Buy a Ferrari :)
- Exchange some Bitcoin for Ethereum (and 1205+ more cryptos) with no fee
- Look at your complete cold and hot wallet portfolio
- Look at your transaction history

And much more!

Extremely secure. We apply every known security technique to ensure your device’s integrity and the safety of your funds. Unlike USB hardware wallets that are prone to phishing attacks and supply-chain attacks (tampering that takes place before they get to you), we employ a multi-layered security process as well as anti-tampering technology as follows:

Secure Element

Your private key is stored safely in a CC EAL5+ certified SE Chipset, equivalent to a FIPS-compliant security level similar to US military requirements. The private key never leaves the Vaulty Card. This chip calculates all the necessary algorithms and transmits only the calculated results for non-sensitive data to the other device or blockchain via Bluetooth.

Encrypted Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection can only be initialized when the wallet is turned on within a proximity of 10 meters. Our product uses an AES256 Encryption for communicating between a Vaulty Card and your phone or another Vaulty Card owner along with a dedicated pairing passcode. Unauthorized devices are thus prohibited from communicating with the card for data retrieval.

2+1 Factor Authentication

The Vaulty Card uses a sequence of biometric verification steps as well as a visual check and a PIN Code security on the device itself to ensure that you are in control of your Vaulty Card and that the transaction is indeed correct and valid.

Tamper-proof Technology

Vaulty Card uses a patented Cold Compression process, making it impossible for hackers to install intercepting devices that can alter the transaction details. The Vaulty Card is wafer-thin and has no extra space on its circuit board. With an adhesive layer that cannot be removed (even with a heat gun) without visual damage, any alteration or tampering will be immediately visible on the Vaulty Card. In any case, the Secure Element will still protect your private keys.

The Vaulty Card uses military-grade AES256 encrypted Bluetooth to communicate with other Vaulty Card owners or internet devices. The Vaulty Card and the other device will only connect if they are turned on within 10m of each other and require a secure pairing passcode to communicate.

Therefore, any unauthorized device is blocked from communicating with the Vaulty Card. Most importantly, the card’s Secure Element is a critical security chip with the highest industry certification (CC EAL5+). It protects and conceals your private key at all times, making sure that even if your Bluetooth connection was somehow compromised, your private data would not be revealed.

This Secure chip calculates all the necessary algorithms and delivers only the calculation for non-sensitive data to the other device or blockchain via Bluetooth.

The Vaulty Card is available worldwide.

You can use your Vaulty Card to pay in over 40 million Points of Sale (POS) worldwide.

Yes, your transactions are private. Our card partner is not part of the Common Reporting Standards (CRS), which prevents it from sharing your information with other jurisdictions around the globe.

Credit cards details are issued by Vaulty’s exclusive partner - a leading financial institution in the Philippines. At the moment, we do not disclose the name of our partner for security matters.

Vaulty Card supports over 1205+ coins & tokens.

We add new supported cryptocurrencies every week. To receive updates on new supported crypto assets, please subscribe to our newsletter here:

Help page

The live updated list of supported cryptocurrencies is here:

Supported coins & tokens

Yes. At 85.6 (L) x 53.98 (W) x 0.84 (T) mm, the Vaulty Card is credit card sized.

The Vaulty Card only stores your private keys to your digital assets. They allow you to claim ownership over your crypto and transfer them as you please. Think of your private keys as passwords that only you have. Your cryptocurrencies are stored on their related blockchains.

The only risk you have of losing your cryptocurrencies by not using the Vaulty Card is if the card malfunctioned or broke and you hadn’t correctly made and stored a Master Seed recovery backup (24 numbers).

The Vaulty Card battery is made to last a long time. With normal usage, it should last for more than 20 years. However, the wallet’s battery life may be affected by temperature and charging habits. Even though the Vaulty Card battery can last up to 3 months (standby time) on a single charge, we highly recommend you charge this hardware wallet for 90 minutes at least once a month to ensure optimal battery performance.

If your Vaulty Card battery stops working, you can restore your wallet on another Vaulty Card or a compatible software wallet by entering your Master Seed recovery phrase.

The Vaulty Card is fully rechargeable. Plug the Vaulty Card in the Charger Station and it will wake up. If you charge the wallet periodically (at least once a month), it should last more than 20 years.

The Vaulty Card contains a hot wallet linked to a reloadable prepaid card option, not a credit card or debit card.

Credit Card - The issuer extends a line of credit. With each transaction, you borrow against the line of credit.

Debit Card - Funds come from the cardholder's checking account. The amount in your checking account is the amount available for spending on your card.

Prepaid Card - Funds are preloaded onto the card from another source of funds. The amount available on the card is the amount loaded onto the card.

The Vaulty Card is a prepaid card, which means you can't spend more than the balance in your internal hot wallet. The Vaulty Card is funded by converting cryptocurrency in the hot wallet to USD for spending anywhere a credit card is accepted.

The Founder Edition Card is the very first version of the Vaulty Card. Only be 20,000 of them will be available. Subsequently, Founder Edition Vaulty Cards will be replaced online by Freedom Edition Vaulty Cards.

What are the advantages of the Vaulty Founder Edition Card?

- It has a 40% discount
- You can choose between 3 awesome card finishes
- It comes with a Charger Station and Protection Sleeve
- You will be one of the first 20,000 to use the Vaulty Card

What is the downside of the Vaulty Founder Edition Card?

Cards must be produced and shipped. The waiting time for receiving this first batch of cards will be longer than usual. However, you can track your order on the website to obtain information about its status. If the waiting period is too long for you and your order has not yet been shipped, we will reimburse you on demand.

Since this card is a prepaid debit card, we do not need to perform a check against your credit record.

Our Master Seeds come in numeric formats and adhere to the BIP39 protocol.

We transfer the English mnemonics into numbers so the card can verify the Master Seed’s correctness more quickly.

Another reason to have the Master Seed in numeric format is for universal usability. Currently, the Bitcoin Improvement Protocol #39, i.e., BIP39, supports mnemonic wordlists. However, the default BIP39 wordlist is English. This presents problems for users who don't understand English (which represents most of the world). Since usability is our goal, forcing non-English speakers to use English for their precious Master Seed is counterproductive. Thus, we have users write their Master Seeds with the only universal language - numbers.

Don't worry, though. Each number is mapped onto the official word in the BIP39 word list so you can use your number seed or English seed anytime.

If you need to use the Master Seed generated from Vaulty Card to recover on other wallets, simply look up the mapping table below to find the corresponding English words and type them in the wallet you wish to use.

You can view or download our Vaulty Card seed conversion (PDF)

No. You can use your Vaulty Card without an internet connection to access all your information and configurations. However, you need an internet-based device connected to the Vaulty Card via Bluetooth (cellphone, tablet) to make transactions, purchases, or exchanges.

Vaulty Card only allows pairing with authorized devices. Thus, if a wallet is stolen or missing, a Vaulty Card will not pair with an unauthorized mobile device for data access.

For your reference, a "wallet" is a collection of ECDSA key pairs. A key pair consists of a public key and a private key for encrypting or signing bits of data. As the name suggests, the public key is known to everyone and can be used to encrypt messages so the private key holder alone may decrypt them. The private key may also be used to sign messages so that anyone holding the public key may verify who the message truly came from. Every cryptocurrency address consists of such a key pair - the address you send people is the public-half, and the private-half resides in your wallet data file.

The blockchain is a constantly growing database of transaction information that is sent out to all nodes in the cryptocurrency network. When you perform a transaction, that transaction is distributed to the network and, assuming the transaction is valid, will be included in the next block. This is where the coins themselves are stored. When you initiate a transaction, all previous transactions to or from that address are scanned, and a balance is calculated. If your transaction exceeds the available balance, it will be rejected by the network and not be included in a block.

Thus, your cryptocurrencies are not stored in the Vaulty Card hardware wallet. You can recover your wallet data onto another Vaulty Card by using the original backed-up Master Seed to regain full control over your crypto assets again.

Moreover, the Vaulty Card is not only waterproof, shockproof, and mobile. It uses an AES256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) encrypted Bluetooth connection to communicate only with authorized devices. You have full control over your crypto assets using the Vaulty Card because it is equipped with a tamper-proof CC EAL5+ (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) Secure Element chip. Additionally, it is assembled with a patented Cold Compression process, which prevents any possible installation of an interceptor to the wallet for data theft.

Please note that if your Vaulty Card is damaged/stolen/missing, your funds are still totally safe and will remain so. Here's why:

A damaged, malfunctioning or lost Vaulty Card is nothing to worry about. Your funds are not contained within it. The Vaulty Card merely stores the keys to your private information. You can purchase another Vaulty Card and restore your funds by using the original Master Seed Recovery Backup numbers generated from your initial setup.

In most cases, if your Card is under warranty and there’s a genuine malfunction of the screen or a component, for example, we will just reissue you with a new card. You then activate it with your Master Recovery Seed to restore details about your funds onto the new Card.

Problem: I’ve lost my Vaulty Card

If you’ve lost your Vaulty Card, don’t stress. The person who gets your old Card won’t be able to pair his or her (unauthorized) phone to access your funds because a pairing authorization code is required. The Vaulty Card also needs to be within 10m of your phone to work. Therefore, when the phone and Vaulty Card are not together, there is no risk to the user.

Additionally, two layers of protection are required to access your card interface - Biometric authentication (fingerprint) and the PIN code security.

Solution: If you lose your Card, you can restore your assets on a new Vaulty Card. You only need to enter your Master Seed Recovery (24 numbers) during his startup setup.

That is why our Vaulty Card offers you the best possible security for your crypto assets.

Backing up your Master Private Key separately is unnecessary as it never leaves the SE Chipset of the Vaulty Card. However, you will need to back up your Master Seed and store it in a safe place to maintain full access to your crypto assets.

Litecoin has updated the prefixes of its P2SH addresses that begin with a “3” to addresses beginning with an “M.” This change was made to stop confusion between BTC and LTC's P2SH addresses, which used to be able to have the same “3” prefix. To cope with this change and further avoid having clients who accidentally transfer LTC into a BTC address. Vaulty Card has migrated from a 3* LTC address to M* LTC address.

However, if you have accidentally transferred LTC into a BTC address, you cannot recover the transferred LTC.

We can provide source codes of the Micro Controller Unit code and the firmware. As for the coding in the Secure Element chip, we only provide access to trusted members of the cryptocurrency communities and/or security industry to evaluate and audit all of our code and libraries.

Furthermore, a few ongoing Black Box tests have been conducted by multiple independent companies for perfecting our codes. Once that is completed, we will provide open-source codes for our Vaulty Card.

When you place an order through our website, the payment information goes to our payment processing bank for validation. Once our payment processor confirms your credit card or Bitcoin payment, we will ship out your order shortly after.

The usual transit timeline should be 2 to 20 working days. However, if you need more details about the shipment status, please use the Order Status link on our website with your purchase details.

Here is our order status list:

- Waiting payment
- Payment received
- Payment confirmed
- Order in process
- Packaging
- Shipped - congratulations, your order is on its way!

If you need more details about your order status, please contact [email protected]

To keep hackers away from your private keys. It is the best solution for storing cryptocurrencies securely and conveniently.

The only condition under which we will provide a full refund is when 30 days have elapsed after your payment, and we are still unable to start the shipping process, except for the Founder Edition Vaulty Card, which is 90 days.

A Vaulty Card is configured with a SE (Secure Element: Common Criteria EAL5+ certified) chip to store cryptocurrency private keys; a communication module including BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0); NFC (Near Field Communication); an e-paper display (bistable, ultra-low power consumption, good contrast ratio 7:1, wide view angle (almost 180° and readable under sunshine); durable/pressure resistant); an NFC Chip for the contactless payment and a rechargeable battery.

Learn more about Vaulty Card technical specifications

HD is an abbreviation for Hierarchical Deterministic. All HD wallets use a master seed. Each time this seed is appended by a counter at the end and is used to derive seemingly unlimited new cryptocurrency addresses hierarchically and sequentially.

Since all the addresses are derived from a single Master Seed, you only need to worry about backing it up. That’s why it is called “Hierarchical Deterministic.” Our Vaulty Card also uses the same technology.

No, it will not.

No, they are not; however, we strongly recommend that you install all firmware updates when they are available. New features and security updates will not be applied to outdated firmware versions.

The window size of the e-paper display is 44 mm x 27 mm.

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the symmetric block cipher ratified as a standard by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States (NIST). It was chosen using a process lasting from 1997 to 2000 that was markedly more open and transparent than its predecessor, the Data Encryption Standard (DES). This process won praise from the open cryptographic community. It helped increase confidence in the winning algorithm’s security among those who were suspicious of back doors in the DES predecessor.

AES became effective as a federal government standard on May 26, 2002, after approval by the Secretary of Commerce. AES is included in the ISO/IEC18033-3 standard. AES is available in many different encryption packages and is the first (and only) publicly accessible cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information.

AES-256, which has a key length of 256 bits, supports the largest bit size and is practically unbreakable by brute force based on current computing power, making it the strongest encryption standard.

Your Master Private Key is generated according to the BIP32 rules that are derived from your Master Seed. The Master Private Key is safely stored in the CC EAL 5+ certified secure element and will stay within the SE chip.

Vaulty Card turns off its display and disconnects from the internet-based device automatically after being inactive for 10 min.

Yes, you can erase Vaulty Card data on your device settings menu.

The core of Vaulty Card is an ARM-based secure element. We developed the native card operating system with cryptocurrencies capability and enhanced security features.

No, it’s fine around household magnets. However, we wouldn’t recommend testing it with an electromagnet.

Security is a top concern for any company or person involved in crypto, and Vaulty Technology, maker of the Vaulty Card, is no different.

The Vaulty Card was analyzed and tested by two independent hacker teams who performed intrusion testing and side-channel attacks. They could not breach our hardware wallet’s security, and there is currently still no known way to capture the private key.

To deal with supply-chain attacks, where hackers physically tamper with the hardware wallet, as seen in competitor products, we chose a card form factor for the Vaulty Card as its wafer-thin slimline design makes it virtually impossible to tamper with. Additionally, our cards are assembled using a patented Cold Compression process. If a hacker tries to disassemble the card, it cannot be restored to its original state. Any tampering will be immediately noticeable.

Yes, the Vaulty Card is completely waterproof, but it is not a toy and should be treated with care. We advise you to not keep the Vaulty Card in water for more than 1 hour.

Yes, your Vaulty Card comes with a one-year warranty. If your Vaulty Card stops working within 12 months of regular use, please contact us and send your Vaulty Card back to our head office. We will inspect your device and send you a new Vaulty Card within 2 weeks (subject to stock availability) from receiving your Vaulty Card.

Important: Please ensure you keep your filled-out Seed Recovery Card before sending your Vaulty Card to us. Do not share the Seed Recovery Card with anyone. Keep in mind that while you don’t have access to your Vaulty Card, you will not be able to send, receive, or trade your assets.

Master Seed backup is vital in case you lose your Vaulty Card! You need it to restore your cryptocurrencies. Vaulty does not keep any record of our clients’ Master Seeds for security measures. We will not be able to reset your Master Seed. If you did not back up the Master Seed properly or lost the Master Seed, we will not be able to recover wallet data for you.

Yes, the bending stiffness of a Vaulty Card is about 15°. We recommend NOT trying this at home though.

Yes. It can withstand cold temperatures as low as -20°C and hot temperatures up to 60°C.

Your purchases are subject to the online store or retail store's return policy. Refunds and credits from the merchant will be applied directly to your card hot wallet.

It may take some merchants up to 30 business days to issue refunds or credits to your card.

No. Since this is a prepaid card, you can only spend the amount available in your Card’s hot wallet.

Your card is protected by your PIN and your fingerprint, so you will be responsible for any transactions that take place. We strongly recommend that you never let another person use your card.

The base currency of the Vaulty Card is US dollars (USD). However, you can use it globally to pay or withdraw in any other currency. All amounts are converted to USD at market foreign exchange rates.


The Vaulty Card is a Prepaid Card but is not linked to a savings account. There are no minimum balance requirements.

Your Vaulty Card is a Prepaid Card and not a deposit account, so your funds will not earn interest.


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