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First steps with the Vaulty Card

Key takeaways

  • Choose the name of your card
  • Choose your PIN code
  • Setup your fingerprint
  • Select your level of security

Have you just received your Vaulty Card?

Congratulations and thank you for your trust and support!

First of all, Take some photos of your brand new card and share them to your family and friends! 🙂 Then follow these simple steps to properly setup your Vaulty Card.

Feel free to contact our Support Team should you have any questions or require any additional assistance at [email protected]




Charge your card until it is 100% fully charged.



When the card will be fully charged. Hold the right button for 3 seconds to power up the Vaulty Card.



Select your preferred language then press the right button.



You will now learn in 8 easy steps how navigation of your Vaulty Card is working.



After your short learning period, you will have to choose a nickname for your card.

The nickname appears on the screen when the card is locked



Great! Your card has a name now.




 The security options, you have to choose between 3 options.

We suggest choosing the PIN CODE AND FINGERPRINT for maximum security.



Choose your 7 digits PIN code carefully.

We do not recommend choosing an easy PIN code like 1111111 or 1234567.



Repeat this step to confirm your PIN code.



The PIN Code is now saved. Choose when the card will ask for this PIN Code.

We suggest choosing BOTH OPTIONS.



Before the next step, clean and dry your hand ready to scan your fingerprint.

Place your finger in the middle of the scanner and wait for the instruction. The card will ask you to repeat this action 5 times.


Use the same finger each time.



Your fingerprint is now saved. No one except you can access your Vaulty Card now.



The card will restart to apply the new configuration and security information.



Congratulations! Your Vaulty card is now fully protected with your fingerprint and PIN code.



Next Step

Your card is now ready for the next step. Creating your Private Master Key. You also have the option to Restore your Private Master Key from another Vaulty Card or any other hardware wallet to recover an old wallet.

Want to learn more about your Card? Let’s go to the next tutorial:

Create your Private Master Key

Restore your Private Master Key

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