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What is the Vaulty Card?

The decentralized Vaulty Card is the most advanced Hardware Wallet you can find on the market. You can store and secure more than 1205+ types of cryptocurrency offline. The card can also be used as a worldwide Credit Card and it is also an integrated Exchange! Exchange your crypto assets directly from your card interface without fees! And much more…

This is not an ordinary hardware wallet. It’s a complete decentralized system that brings security, access, and convenience to new levels, with you in the driver’s seat.

The Vaulty Card is the hardware wallet that every self-respecting crypto holder should own.

Store, Spend and Exchange your crypto assets without any mobile apps.

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Vaulty, invented for your financial freedom.

Hardware Wallet
  • Securely store offline your cryptocurrency.
  • The Vaulty card support up to 1205 type of crypto.
  • Most secure decentralized device.
  • Protected by your fingerprint and/or a PIN code.
  • Store, spend and exchange your crypto on the go without any mobile app.
  • CC EAL5+ certified secure chip – Uncrackable.
  • 0% chance to lose your crypto or get your account frozen.
  • Send crypto to your friend from the card or use our tap-tap option to send crypto to another Vaulty card in second.
  • It’s literally a Ledger but decentralized and with more privacy and control.
Credit Card
  • Activate your credit card without any KYC.
  • Pay worldwide at more than 40 million POS.
  • Receive up to 8% cash back and rewards on every transaction.
  • Use your credit card private info to make online transaction.
  • 100% of transactions are private and cannot be disclosed.
  • Add more than 50 other credit / debit card and secure them.
  • Sleep tight, your other credits cards information stays safe in your card.
  • No one can access your information if you lose your card.
  • Get the best exchange rate with the Vaulty card exchange.
  • Exchange your assets between 1205 type of crypto.
  • Every exchange is 100% free of charge.
  • The fastest exchange, every exchange is done in less than 1 minute.
  • Exchange price based on the CoinGecko price.
  • Huge exchange pass through SimpleSwap exchange API.
  • Every exchange is 100% private.
  • Vaulty is a decentralized device, so we do not have access to you card information.
  • With the Vaulty card, you are your own bank.

The safest and most advanced hardware wallet.


Vaulty Card is waterproof, shockproof, bendable, and assembled with a patented cold compression process.

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NFC chip

Vaulty Card has an internal secured NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip for P2P and in-store transactions.

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It uses an AES256 encrypted Bluetooth (BLE) connection to communicate with only authorized devices.

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Access is protected by a compact UL power fingerprint recognition software and processing unit.

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PIN code

Add a layer of protection with a PIN Code option to unlock your Vaulty Card or confirm a transaction.

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Two batteries support normal card usage for about a month before another 90-minute full charge.

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The most functional and useful credit card.

  • Store, Receive, Send and Manage all your different crypto assets on one device.
  • We give you the power to use your money, your way, on our borderless payment option.
  • Exchange more than 1205+ types of cryptocurrency instantly and with no fee.
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“ Store, Spend and Exchange your crypto assets without any mobile apps. ”

What is the main difference between a Software Wallet and the Vaulty Card?

A software wallet is online, and a hardware wallet is offline.

Information stored online can be easily copied and stolen.

Online exchanges and wallet providers can disappear, go offline, or be hacked. They are not reliable.

Go offline with Vaulty where hackers can’t access your data.

Our offline hardware wallet is the safest way to manage, trade, and pay with your crypto, wherever you are.

I want to secure my assets, pay worldwide, and exchange my crypto.

You are four steps away from being able to do all this with the Vaulty Card!


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Here are our most frequently asked questions.

At Vaulty, we are developing an electronic hardware wallet in a credit card that provides the highest level of security for crypto assets.

Our Mission:

We work hard to secure and facilitate all kinds of blockchain transactions with our innovative products to transform how businesses and people send, receive, and store money worldwide.

- Store
- Spend
- Exchange

All in one place, in the Vaulty Card that fit in your wallet.

Our Future:

Cryptocurrency’s future looks very bright, and we plan on remaining at the forefront of this technology, creating more tools and services for everyone to use in new innovative ways.

Vaulty Card is the world’s first electronic credit card and hardware wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and more then 1205+ ERC20 Tokens. It provides superior identity security and data privacy allowing users to secure their crypto assets in minutes. Vaulty Card also offers an ecosystem in which users can confidently interact with their digital assets and have secure, end-to-end control of their cryptocurrency. It provides completely offline storage.

Not only is the Vaulty Card waterproof, shockproof, bendable, and mobile. It uses an AES256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) encrypted Bluetooth connection to communicate with authorized devices only. Users have full control over their crypto assets using the Vaulty Card because it is equipped with a tamper-proof CC EAL5+ (Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level) Secure Element chip. It is also assembled with a patented cold compression process which prevents installation to the wallet of any possible interceptor for data intrusion.

Other than being an offline storage, the Vaulty Card also acts as a 2+1 Authenticator when you wish to do transactions.

- Biometric authentication directly on your card
- Visual authentication on the wallet to prevent tampering to the transaction commands
- PIN Code security on the device itself to ensure you are in control of your card

With Vaulty Card, you can enjoy its mobility along with the best security available in the blockchain industry. Instead of using the traditional USB hardware wallet that works jointly with a computer, you can transact on the go.

Moreover, the Vaulty Card has an internal protected hot wallet where you can transfer your assets for using your prepaid credit card payment option. You can use your Vaulty Card to pay in over 40 million Points of Sale (POS) worldwide.

To avoid any useless in/out transfer via an online exchange, we have built an internal exchange so you can trade your crypto assets between more than 1205 cryptocurrencies. Our internal exchange is fast, reliable, and with no fees.

Vaulty Card is the credit card that any self-respecting cryptocurrency holder must have.

To learn more about the Vaulty Card specs and function:

Vaulty Card details

1. The Vaulty Card is a hardware wallet where you can store and protect more than 1205+ types of cryptocurrency offline (cold wallet) - the safest way to protect your crypto assets.

2. The Vaulty Card can also be used as a worldwide payment method. Transfer funds from your cold wallets to your hot wallet from your Vaulty Card interface and you can pay with your card at any store that accepts credit card payments around the world.

3. The Vaulty Card has an integrated exchange. Exchange your crypto assets between more than 1205+ digital currencies directly from your card interface with no fees!

When you use your in-card hot wallet (credit card) to purchase in a store or online, you receive an instant cash back into your account.

Using the credit card comes with a lot of advantages, these include:

Cash Back bonus between 1% and 8%
100% rebate on Spotify
100% rebate on Netflix
25% rebate on every Uber and Uber eat order
Free Amazon Prime

Here is the complete Cash Back and Rewards article

Here are only some examples of what you can do with your Vaulty Card. Obviously, you could do a lot more things with it than these!

- Securely store offline more than 1205+ Crypto assets
- Send crypto to a friend via the blockchain
- Send crypto to someone who also has a Vaulty Card (NFC transaction)
- Pay your groceries
- Pay your gas
- Buy a Ferrari :)
- Exchange some Bitcoin for Ethereum (and 1205+ more cryptos) with no fee
- Look at your complete cold and hot wallet portfolio
- Look at your transaction history

And much more!

Extremely secure. We apply every known security technique to ensure your device’s integrity and the safety of your funds. Unlike USB hardware wallets that are prone to phishing attacks and supply-chain attacks (tampering that takes place before they get to you), we employ a multi-layered security process as well as anti-tampering technology as follows:

Secure Element

Your private key is stored safely in a CC EAL5+ certified SE Chipset, equivalent to a FIPS-compliant security level similar to US military requirements. The private key never leaves the Vaulty Card. This chip calculates all the necessary algorithms and transmits only the calculated results for non-sensitive data to the other device or blockchain via Bluetooth.

Encrypted Bluetooth

The Bluetooth connection can only be initialized when the wallet is turned on within a proximity of 10 meters. Our product uses an AES256 Encryption for communicating between a Vaulty Card and your phone or another Vaulty Card owner along with a dedicated pairing passcode. Unauthorized devices are thus prohibited from communicating with the card for data retrieval.

2+1 Factor Authentication

The Vaulty Card uses a sequence of biometric verification steps as well as a visual check and a PIN Code security on the device itself to ensure that you are in control of your Vaulty Card and that the transaction is indeed correct and valid.

Tamper-proof Technology

Vaulty Card uses a patented Cold Compression process, making it impossible for hackers to install intercepting devices that can alter the transaction details. The Vaulty Card is wafer-thin and has no extra space on its circuit board. With an adhesive layer that cannot be removed (even with a heat gun) without visual damage, any alteration or tampering will be immediately visible on the Vaulty Card. In any case, the Secure Element will still protect your private keys.

The Vaulty Card uses military-grade AES256 encrypted Bluetooth to communicate with other Vaulty Card owners or internet devices. The Vaulty Card and the other device will only connect if they are turned on within 10m of each other and require a secure pairing passcode to communicate.

Therefore, any unauthorized device is blocked from communicating with the Vaulty Card. Most importantly, the card’s Secure Element is a critical security chip with the highest industry certification (CC EAL5+). It protects and conceals your private key at all times, making sure that even if your Bluetooth connection was somehow compromised, your private data would not be revealed.

This Secure chip calculates all the necessary algorithms and delivers only the calculation for non-sensitive data to the other device or blockchain via Bluetooth.

The Vaulty Card is available worldwide.

You can use your Vaulty Card to pay in over 40 million Points of Sale (POS) worldwide.

Yes, your transactions are private. Our card partner is not part of the Common Reporting Standards (CRS), which prevents it from sharing your information with other jurisdictions around the globe.

Credit cards details are issued by Vaulty’s exclusive partner - a leading financial institution in the Philippines. At the moment, we do not disclose the name of our partner for security matters.

Vaulty Card supports over 1205+ coins & tokens.

We add new supported cryptocurrencies every week. To receive updates on new supported crypto assets, please subscribe to our newsletter here:

Help page

The live updated list of supported cryptocurrencies is here:

Supported coins & tokens

The Vaulty Card only stores your private keys to your digital assets. They allow you to claim ownership over your crypto and transfer them as you please. Think of your private keys as passwords that only you have. Your cryptocurrencies are stored on their related blockchains.

The only risk you have of losing your cryptocurrencies by not using the Vaulty Card is if the card malfunctioned or broke and you hadn’t correctly made and stored a Master Seed recovery backup (24 numbers).

The Vaulty Card battery is made to last a long time. With normal usage, it should last for more than 20 years. However, the wallet’s battery life may be affected by temperature and charging habits. Even though the Vaulty Card battery can last up to 3 months (standby time) on a single charge, we highly recommend you charge this hardware wallet for 90 minutes at least once a month to ensure optimal battery performance.

If your Vaulty Card battery stops working, you can restore your wallet on another Vaulty Card or a compatible software wallet by entering your Master Seed recovery phrase.

The Vaulty Card is fully rechargeable. Plug the Vaulty Card in the Charger Station and it will wake up. If you charge the wallet periodically (at least once a month), it should last more than 20 years.

The Vaulty Card contains a hot wallet linked to a reloadable prepaid card option, not a credit card or debit card.

Credit Card - The issuer extends a line of credit. With each transaction, you borrow against the line of credit.

Debit Card - Funds come from the cardholder's checking account. The amount in your checking account is the amount available for spending on your card.

Prepaid Card - Funds are preloaded onto the card from another source of funds. The amount available on the card is the amount loaded onto the card.

The Vaulty Card is a prepaid card, which means you can't spend more than the balance in your internal hot wallet. The Vaulty Card is funded by converting cryptocurrency in the hot wallet to USD for spending anywhere a credit card is accepted.

The Founder Edition Card is the very first version of the Vaulty Card. Only be 20,000 of them will be available. Subsequently, Founder Edition Vaulty Cards will be replaced online by Freedom Edition Vaulty Cards.

What are the advantages of the Vaulty Founder Edition Card?

- It has a 40% discount
- You can choose between 3 awesome card finishes
- It comes with a Charger Station and Protection Sleeve
- You will be one of the first 20,000 to use the Vaulty Card

What is the downside of the Vaulty Founder Edition Card?

Cards must be produced and shipped. The waiting time for receiving this first batch of cards will be longer than usual. However, you can track your order on the website to obtain information about its status. If the waiting period is too long for you and your order has not yet been shipped, we will reimburse you on demand.

Since this card is a prepaid debit card, we do not need to perform a check against your credit record.

Sorry to hear that! We want to make sure we can help you out. Try one of these options:

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Complete list of the FAQ

The Vaulty Academy helps you get simple answers to all your questions.

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Question? Vaulty has a general and technical support team ready for live chat.


Keep your assets secure, everywhere.

Store, Spend and Exchange crypto on our decentralized credit card.

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